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By Murray Nabors

Seventeen 12 months previous Jessenia Olivier lives a comfy existence on her family's herb farm at the island continent of South Aber. Her more and more weird and wonderful goals turn into genuine whilst the farm is attacked through substantial legendary monsters led by way of a eco-friendly skinned brutish determine on horseback whose very presence turns out to distort either time and area. To her utter astonishment she shoots fireballs from her fingertips to kill or chase off the invaders. A traveling craftsman, Tahlequah San’to Marcus tells her kin that she is an Aesmae Celina, a lady of fairy stories with magical powers.
This is the tale of her try and unite the scattered Aesmae Celina, such a lot of whom are blind to their energy, right into a combating and protecting strength able to saving her planet, Rhivanna. Ten immortal and evil Demigods combating less than The-One-The-Only, an influence hungry, overseas God, search to wrest keep watch over of Rhivanna from the 1st, its rightful and beleaguered deity. Jessenia and her buddies Mollybrett, Arlavonne, Augustana, Lisabeth, and Carolyn commence a outstanding trip, which rather well could be their last.

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