Download Big Practical Guide to Computer Simulations by Alexander K Hartmann PDF

  • Programming in C, fundamentals of C++, Python, make, shell scripts
  • Software engineering, computational provenance, model management
  • Debugging: gdb, reminiscence checking, profiling
  • Standard algorithms: new release, recursion, divide-and-conquer, dynamic programing, backtracking
  • Advanced info constructions: lists, bushes, lots, graphs
  • Libraries: usual C library, STL, GSL, self-written libraries
  • Randomness: likelihood, discrete and non-stop random variables, pseudo random numbers, inversion technique, rejection method
  • Data research: estimators, self belief periods, histograms, resampling, plotting, Chi-squared try out, Kolmogorov-Smirnov try out, ROC research, primary part research, info clustering, greatest chance, fitting
  • Presentation and publishing: gnuplot, xfig, Povray, LATEX