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By D.N. Frost

Centuries in the past, the prophetic Golden Age led to warfare, and background spiraled into darkness. Now, in basic terms students preserve the final portent of the mythic urban A'lara, hid in a far off glade for the appearance of the dragon mage.

At the sting of the identified international, the slave Larin escapes her new lord sooner than she meets his darkish masters. Deep within the mountains, the mythical elf Kingard awaits his name to conflict. while younger Darek flees imperial mages tasked to exterminate shape-shifters, he launches all of them on a voyage to redeem their unsought destiny.

United by way of destiny and guided via prophesy, their becoming band of fugitives trip for A'lara to struggle the traditional evil infiltrating the capital. yet looming over the gears of destiny, their enemies keep on with a similar prophesies. With the unknown shut upon them, Kingard and his allies face a mortal quest to revive their contaminated empire.

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